Active Member

Consists of persons actively engaged in the science of forensic identification and are employed by a city, county, state or federal government or a subdivision or combination thereof.


Associate Member


Consists of all reputable persons, fully or partially engaged in any of the various phases of the science of forensic identification, and who are not qualified for Active Membership (Police Officers, Detectives, Professors, Teachers, Consultants, Etc.)


Student Member



Consists of all persons engaged in the study of criminal justice or related fields of forensic study, the American Institute of Applied Science or other correspondence school approved by the Board of Directors. The study must be continuing at a reasonable rate and be receiving passing grades.

*Student affiliates may not take the floor, hold elective office, nominate, have a vote, or be appointed as Chair person of a committee or subcommittee


To apply for membership, download the Application Form, fill it out, and email it to secretary@nsdiai.net. The yearly fee can be paid online with a credit card or a check can be submitted with the application to:



Nevada State Division of IAI

c/o Jennifer Hornback

223 Lead St

Henderson, NV 89009






$25.00/ year